Booking and Cancellation Policy


All rates and prices quoted are subject to availability. Prices will not change even if the full payment is not received and voucher(s) are not issued. Prices that are quoted or listed are subject to transaction fees but include all local taxes unless we advise otherwise.

Car Rental

  • At the time of booking, a deposit amount will be processed
  • 7 days before the departure, the remaining amount is to be settled
  • Cancellation and refunds are based on the Cancellation Policy below
  • If you wish to settle the total price differently, please get in touch with us at



Please present your voucher at the team member that will be dropping off the vehicle. The location of the drop-off point must be defined upon booking or advised at least 24h before the time. If we do not receive this information, the booking will be placed as a no-show, and no refund will be possible.

Refueling Service

At the end of the rental, you do not need to refill the car; we will refill the vehicle at one of our partners, deduct from the deposit the refilling cost, and send you a receipt. This service is free, and no service fee will be charged.

Rental Deposit

At the time our customer service agent drops the vehicle at your desired location, a rental deposit that will be taken based on the duration of the car rental as follows:

1-2 car rental days: CHF 350
3 to 5 car rental days: CHF 500
6 to 8 car rental days: CHF 750
9 to 11 car rental days: CHF 1000
11 to 15 car rental days: CHF 1250

The rental deposit will be released within 7 working days with the refilling fuel cost deducted.


The travel products and services sold through this site are subject to availability and can be withdrawn without notice.


Any car rental or other service is confirmed and reserved once both parties agree in writing or over the telephone and is subject to the booking and cancellation policy. In the event that the booking confirmed is cancelled, payment will still be due. Only when full payment is received will the final confirmation document be sent.


We request that you carefully check your voucher’s dates and contact information and contact us immediately if these are incorrect.



Car Rental

  • Cancellation, more than 2 days in advance, is fully refundable
  • Cancellation up to 1 day before departure date: 50% of the total amount plus administration fees that might be imposed (Except if unforeseen circumstances arise)
  • Cancellation up to and less than 1 day before the pick-up date and time or no-show: 100% of the total amount (Except if unforeseen circumstances arise)
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